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Dangers for unaccompanied child migrants causes deep concern

WNN Breaking (WNN/UNNC) United Nations New York, U.S., AMERICAS: Deeply concerned by the “urgent humanitarian situation” of unaccompanied child migrants from Central America, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for Governments of countries where the children start, continue or finish their journeys, to protect their dignity and human rights. “Unaccompanied minors, including those under seven years […]

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KENYA: 300+ Somali children separated from detained or deported parents

IRIN – Humanitarian news and analysis for – WNN Breaking (WNN/IRIN) Nairobi, KENYA, EASTERN AFRICA: As Kenya continues to round up and detain refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers in a controversial anti-terrorism operation, fears are mounting over the fate of around 300 children separated from parents arrested during the sweeps. Some of these children are reported […]

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Working to stop the global use of all child soldiers, including girls

Lys Anzia – WNN Features (WNN) UN Geneva, SWITZERLAND, WESTERN EUROPE: Answering the hard questions and growing needs for child soldiers trapped in militias working inside national government forces across the globe, the United Nations is stepping up to help those children who are the most vulnerable. In a new UN launch called ‘Children, not […]

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UK: Women & girls who stand up against FGM may risk their lives

Lorna Gledhill for Open Democracy 50:50 – WNN Features (WNN/OD/50:50) Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM, WESTERN EUROPE: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting or circumcision, is a practice that involves incisions or injury to the female genitalia or removal of external genital tissue for non-medical reasons. Recent research by the World Health Organization […]

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THAILAND: Minority Rohingya children face critical trafficking dangers

Human Rights Watch –  WNN Improve It (WNN/HRW) Bangkok, THAILAND, SOUTH-EASTERN ASIA:  Thailand’s government should urgently send ethnic Rohingya children from Burma and their families to safe and open family shelters. New research documents abuses by Thai authorities, who should take action against camps in southern Thailand used for trafficking Rohingya and punish officials complicit in […]

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230 million global children born paperless without birth certificates

WNN Breaking (WNN/UNICEF) United Nations, New York, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Nearly 230 million children under the age of five have not had their births officially recorded, excluding them from education, health care and social security, reported UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund. That is approximately one in three of all children under five who are unregistered […]

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U.K.: Controversial forced caesarian case set to bring discussion to parliament

WNN Breaking (WNN) Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat member of the British Parliament who is also the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign chairman, is bringing the issue of forced caesarians, family adoption laws and the ‘misuse’ of the Mental Health Act in the United Kingdom to the floor for […]

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