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New Data: Nonprofit Employment Defied Recession

  By Avi Wolfman-Arent Despite a global recession, U.S. nonprofit employment rose steadily during the end of the last decade and beyond, according to new research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From 2007 to 2012, the number jobs at organizations registered as charities with the Internal Revenue Service increased 8.6 percent, climbing from 10.5-million […]

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Job Fairs for Veterans Offer Personal Link

  By STEVE If you’re on the hunt for employment but you’ve been going about it mainly by sitting in your house scrolling through endless job listings on the Internet, think about getting out to some job fairs. Job fairs specifically for veterans are popping up all over. In fact, most of the employers named […]

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Signs such as this are appearing as big-box retailers hire thousands of seasonal workers.

All jobs have dignity

“How is the part-time job going?” I struggled with how to answer my friend. “It’s all right,” I finally said. “It’s beneath you,” she suggested. That definitely wasn’t what I was thinking, but my feelings were complicated. After nearly a year of unemployment, I had taken a part-time seasonal job to earn a little extra […]

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Control Your Results!

You’ve gotten through it! You managed the loss and moved beyond the grief.  You put your process improvement team in place and have done everything possible to push your talents forward.  The last step in this process is, “controlling the results.“ This is probably the hardest step particularly because you aren’t 100% in control of […]

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You Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!!

You Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!! People come to me everyday wanting to accomplish great things or to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives and they seem to think they need to develop a new skill or resource. Most of the time they already posses what they are looking for, they just […]

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