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Scraps of paper

11 Ways to Turn Random Thoughts and Scribbled Notes Into a Project

I watched a podcast last week with Rich Harrington, Skip Cohen and photographer Don Komarechka. Don was taking about his snowflake project and book Sky Crystals. But the podcast was much more than just Don talking about what he did, but rather how he thinks about self-initiated projects and what makes them successful. Here are […]

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Mural, Havana, Cuba

Cuba – The Forbidden Fruit

Originally posted on Journeys of a Hybrid:How can I possibly sum up a 5 day trip to Cuba, a country that up until recently was the “forbidden fruit” for US citizens. That in and of itself is what made me want to go there. My childhood impressions of Cuba came from seeing Ricky Ricardo… Read […]

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Gail shooting feature doc "Opening Our Eyes" at the Kopila Valley Primary School, Surkhet, Nepal

Labels, Finger Pointing, Fear, and the Real Value of Photography

I read an interesting blog post “On Real Photographers” by David duChemin recently. He talks about growing weary of the photographers’ complaints that “now everyone has a camera and suddenly everyone’s a photographer”. My first experiences of being part of a group of my peers did not go well. My memories of being in school […]

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