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11 Ways to Turn Random Thoughts and Scribbled Notes Into a Project

I watched a podcast last week with Rich Harrington, Skip Cohen and photographer Don Komarechka. Don was taking about his snowflake project and book Sky Crystals. But the podcast was much more than just Don talking about what he did, but rather how he thinks about self-initiated projects and what makes them successful. Here are […]

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Accomplishments Never Found on a Resume

A question I always pose when teaching a resume writing class is, “What accomplishment makes you most proud”?  Since I never indicate that the accomplishment should align with professional experience, I am not surprised with the response to the question.  In fact, I can almost anticipate what everyone will say.  Without hesitation, many relate a […]

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Einstein Had it All Wrong

Like millions of people all over the world, I was glued to the TV last November watching Nik Wallenda break two Guinness World Records with his daring Skyscraper walks.  If his first attempt was not amazing enough when he walked across the Chicago River at an elevation of 588 feet and rising, he ramped up […]

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