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Modesty May Be a Bad Career Move

Women have many life issues that can interfere with work and career, especially, since we’re usually the primary caregivers, not only of our children, but for extended family, as well.   And, if you have two high-powered careers, most often, it is the woman who has to make job or career sacrifices for the good of […]

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Life Lessons of Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou passed away, at 86 years old, this morning at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She came from humbling beginnings, but was revered all over the globe. Her life could have taken a completely different direction than the one that she carved out for herself and for which she will be remembered, […]

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Before Oprah Winfrey there was Madam C. J. Walker

Today, media mogul Oprah Winfrey is recognized as the first self-made, American, female billionaire, but before Oprah, there was Sarah Breedlove, known as Madame C. J. Walker, the first self-made, American, female millionaire.  She invented a hair product and built it into an empire that made her a fortune.  EARLY LIFE This was a miracle […]

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Achieve Success by Living and Working Drama Free

Life can be wonderful, but definitely, not always easy!  If it were, our successes, would not count for very much.  Although your obstacles may differ from other people you know, you can bet that at some point, everyone hits a rough patch.  Disappointments, rejection, failures and other negatives are a part of life, and how […]

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Holiday Business Gift Giving

Tis’ the season for giving—and are you wondering what, if anything, is the appropriate gift to give to your business associates and customers?  First, yes, it is very common to give—and to receive—gifts during the holiday season without fear of being accused of attempted bribery.  In fact, it is customary for bosses and managers to […]

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The Art of Shameless Self Promotion

Why do so many women have problems with self promotion?  Is this a legitimate question?  I think it is.  From my own experience, I have lost count of the numerous times I have been in social or business settings where someone emptied the oxygen out of the room with shameless self promotion.  No offense intended, […]

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The Affordable Care Act, Small Business and Women

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obama-Care, began open enrollment October 1, 2013.  And, some peeps don’t like it!  Namely, some members of Congress, who hold our country’s purse strings, and are refusing to fund the federal government.  And, within a few days, if they refuse to raise the country’s […]

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Entrepreneurship as a Way to Achieve Success

Women have come a long way, but in the workplace there are still obstacles that limit our success.  Many women have decided that entrepreneurship is a way to break free and get ahead in business.  Recently Julie Chen, a co-host on CBS’s daytime talk show, The Talk, confessed that she had plastic surgery on her […]

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Body Image Article

Body Language Projects a Positive Image

You are a hardworking, serious, motivated business person but what is your body language saying?  Is it counteracting with the savvy, smart professional you are on the inside?  It could be.  When you interact with someone for the first time, all they have to go by is your outside appearance, and vice versa.  I am […]

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