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Respecting “Women’s Work”

This past weekend the last of our holiday decorations were stored away in the crawl space. In the Weisenberger household, the 2014 holiday season had officially come to a close. I love the holidays but, like a lot of women, I overdo it. With the shopping, decorating, wrapping and cooking – especially the cooking – […]

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Sugar Makes Holidays Sweeter

It’s the holidays and no matter which one you celebrate, it’s a prime occasion to baking. And with few exceptions, it’s almost impossible to bake without sugar. This really struck me the last time I went grocery shopping and meandered down the baking aisle.  There were so many selections, several of which I had never […]

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Ancient grains are becoming part of modern menus.

Ancient Grains

Quinoa has been all the rage lately receiving praised as a source of high protein. It is one in a category of ancient grains that has been rediscovered. The term “ancient grains” or “heritage grains” as they’re sometimes called, is popping up more and more on food labels, but there doesn’t seem to be a […]

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Consumers are embracing the clean, simple taste of butter

Butter Side Up

Butter’s popularity has had its ups and downs. Long admired for its taste, people turned away because of its high fat content. But now it’s riding high again with consumers embracing its flavor, simple ingredients and as a healthy fat. When a food gets popular, you see many different incarnations of it in the local […]

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In a Pickle

The rise in consumers desire to eat more fresh, locally grown produce has given rise to the old homemaking skills of preserving food.  Check of the educational offerings at community centers, park districts and supermarkets and you’ll find classes on canning, hydrating and pickling. When you go to a farmers market and spy a bushel […]

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heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

You may be seeing some funny looking specimens at your local farmers markets. These are heirloom tomatoes.  Instead of the perfectly red, uniformed size we’re accustomed to seeing, these may be orange or striped, and have ribs or shaped more like a pear than a tomato. A commercial heirloom variety is described as one that […]

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In a bowl garnish with fruit, or in a chewy cookie. oatmeal is a health addition to your diet.

January is Oatmeal Month

When you’re faced with deep snow and frigid cold like we’ve experienced over the last week, you want to eat something and comforting.  That’s why there’s no coincidence that January – the coldest month of the year – is also National Oatmeal Month. A bowl of hot oatmeal is a great way to start your […]

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Keep baking basics on hand so your can turn out goodies throughout the holidays.

Stock Up on Holiday Baking Supplies

In the weeks between now and the end of the year, baking becomes a national obsession. People who swear they don’t know where their kitchen is located in their own homes suddenly turn into cooking network stars. Co-workers ply us with their holiday goodies and people get positively giddy at the sight of flour, sugar […]

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