680 Arrested in Largest Recorded ICE Raid

This ongoing debate on immigration reform in the United States reached a new tipping point yesterday after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents invaded a food production plant in Morton, Mississippi, arresting 680 undocumented workers who were unable to provide identification. This is believed to be the largest single-state immigration arrest in the history of the country. Video shows family members crying as 600 agents got off buses in mass to interrogate and arrest the plant workers. Many children returned from their first days of school to discover that they could not get into their homes as their parents had been detained. Some children without available legal guardians have been sent to family members, with many others being kept in a local gym, supported by donations from community members. Democratic candidates continue to speak out on the need for immigration reform as the Trump administration increases its enforcement of strict immigration laws. Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris tweeted this morning that “ICE raids are designed to tear families apart, spread fear, and terrorize communities” and fellow Senator and 2020 candidate Cory Booker wrote “The moral vandalism of this administration has no end – how is traumatizing these kids, abandoning […]

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