Women’s Rights: A Major Campaign Point in Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections

Afghanistan’s presidential candidates have officially launched their campaigns and candidates are vowing to protect and advance women’s rights in the hope of winning women’s votes. During their public gatherings, two front runners Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah promised to advance the status of women and girls in Afghanistan and that they will include women in all peace negotiations with the Taliban. Both candidates spoke in Kabul on Monday about the importance of women in Afghanistan’s future. Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah proclaimed boldly that “women in Afghanistan should be given a role in the peace process.” In conjunction, Presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani swore  that he “will establish a women’s council which will have similar authorities to the National Security Council if [he] gets re-elected.” He continued his statements by saying that “we will support women empowerment through domestic resources, not through foreign charity.” Both candidates have demonstrated their allegiance to advancing women’s rights in the past, and many of the women who attended these gatherings feel confident in plans proposed to keep Afghani Women at the negation table. Prominent women’s rights activist Arifa Paikan stated at the gathering “On behalf of women in this hall, I call for a large presence […]

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