Oklahoma Judge Upholds Ban on Second-Trimester Abortions

The Center for Reproductive Rights has vowed to take an Oklahoma abortion-ban to the state Supreme Court after an Oklahoma district judge upheld a law banning second-trimester abortion procedures last Friday. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has previously rejected multiple anti-abortion bills similar to this ban. The Center for Reproductive Rights challenged the Oklahoma law after it was first passed in 2015. The legislation prohibits the use of common instruments employed in second-trimester abortions, effectively banning the procedure entirely. It has been kept on hold for the past four years as the legal challenge went through the court system. Julie Rikelman, director of litigation for the Center for Reproductive Rights described the bill as a “back-door ban on abortion itself,” explaining how the procedure is “the standard of care for abortion after approximately 14 weeks.” Multiple other states have attempted to pass similar laws; however, the Oklahoma judge is the first one to not block the ban. Laws in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas that have issued a ban on the same procedure have all been blocked due to the Supreme Court precedent that stops states from placing an undue burden on any individual seeking an abortion within the first […]

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