Swiss Women Protest Gender Inequality

On Friday, thousands of women took to the streets of Switzerland to protest gender disparities both at home and in the workplace. The protestors marched through some of Switzerland’s largest and most populous cities including Geneva, Zurich, and Bern, as well as smaller towns throughout the country. A large group of demonstrators amassed outside of the Federal Assembly in Bern, the home of the federal legislature, and at 3:24 pm, the average time at which women stop being paid while men continue earning money for their work based on average measures of pay inequality, a nationwide walkout took place. Even female members of the Swiss Federal Council left their desks to join the march. A manifesto released by the organizers of the protest stated that “[o]n June 14, we strike. A paid work strike, a domestic work strike, a care strike, a school strike and a consumer strike. So that our work becomes visible, so that our demands are understood, so that the public sphere becomes something for all women.” Women at the protest also called for more paid family leave as well as an expansion of protections for immigrant women, members of the LGBTQ community, and survivors of domestic […]

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