New CNN Poll Demonstrates Importance of Reproductive Rights in 2020 Campaign Dialogue

Yesterday, CNN released a poll of American adults concerning their opinions on abortion, finding that three in ten Americans consider reproductive rights to be the major factor in their voting decisions. The poll was conducted May 28-31 of this year and looked at individuals’ views on various laws restricting access to legal abortion and how significantly those views factored into the likelihood that they would or would not support a presidential primary candidate. Since CNN last polled on this topic in 2016, the numbers have shifted towards greater support for reproductive rights, revealing that 31 percent of adults believe that abortion should be legal under any circumstance, compared to 29 percent in 2016. In addition, the poll found that 30 percent of adults would only vote for a candidate that shared their views on abortion with an additional 45 percent viewing abortion as an important factor when making these decisions on whom to vote for. The percentage of adults viewing abortion as a critical issue grows from 30 percent to 32 percent among women and 36 percent among non-white women. Within the last two days, the presence of reproductive rights in the campaign dialogue has increased dramatically, especially among the […]

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