Another Funeral for a Black Texan Woman in the Month of May

Funeral services were held on May 23 for Pamela Turner, an unarmed, 44-year-old Houston-area grandmother of three who was shot and killed by  Baytown, Texas police officer Juan Delacruz outside of her suburban apartment complex on May 13 in what civil rights attorney Ben Crump has called an “unjustifiable execution.” The Rev. Al Sharpton gave a eulogy for Turner during a service on Thursday at a Houston church. Community leaders, elected officials, and relatives are calling for action following her murder. In his eulogy, Rev. Sharpton said that the community will not rest until there is justice for Turner. Baytown police report that Delacruz pulled the trigger on the African American woman during an attempted arrest after she allegedly used his Taser on him. Video footage of the incident does not indicate that Turner posed any threat to the officer before he fired five bullets into her stomach, chest, and face from a “safe distance” away as Turner laid on the ground. In the video footage of the confrontation, Turner is heard saying “You’re actually harassing me,” “I’m actually walking to my house,” “Why? Why?,” and “I’m pregnant.” Crump has suggested that Turner, who was diagnosed in 2005 with paranoid […]

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