Funeral for Muhlaysia Booker Held Today at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas

Hundreds are expected to gather today for the funeral of Muhlaysia Booker, a 23-year-old transgender woman, who was brutally assaulted in a hate crime in April and murdered ten days ago. The funeral is being held at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas at 11 a.m. today. A month after the April assault on Booker, she was found lying face-down, shot to death in a Dallas street ten days ago on May 18.The Dallas Police Department has made no arrests in Booker’s murder, have identified no suspects, and have found no connection between Booker’s shooting and the April assault. The previous April assault was captured on cell phone video footage and shows a man viciously beating a prostrate young woman in a pink wig, surrounded by a mob egging the man on, kicking Booker, and yelling homophobic slurs. A group of women finally helped Booker escape the mob. Booker was hospitalized and treated for bone fractures and a concussion. The man who was beating Booker, Edward Thomas, was arrested following the posting of the now viral footage and was charged with aggravated assault. Greater charges were not levelled against Thomas because gender identity is not covered under Texas’s hate crime […]

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