States are Passing Extreme Anti-Abortion Laws to Challenge Roe v. Wade

Yesterday, Alabama’s female Governor Kay Ivey signed into law the most restrictive and cruel anti-abortion legislation in the United States, legislation that female Representative Terry Collins introduced in the state house to challenge Roe v. Wade. This past week both Georgia and Alabama have passed extreme anti-abortion legislation, revealing the conservative agenda to overturn Roe v. Wade through the passage of unconstitutional abortion bans. The bill’s sponsor in the House, Rep. Terry Collins stated after the vote that “this bill is about challenging Roe v. Wade and protecting the lives of the unborn, because an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection.” She went further to say that her “goal with this bill, and [she] thinks all of [their] goal, is to have Roe v. Wade turned over, and that decision be sent back to the states so that [they] can come up with our laws that address and include amendments and things that address those issues.” This law was not created even under the pretense of “protecting” women’s health; it was created to be a cruel and extreme law that would quickly reach the Supreme Court. Alabama’s new anti-abortion law would ban abortion after 6 weeks […]

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