Trump Administration Detained Hundreds of Migrants Under a Bridge in El Paso

Photos and videos of migrants in El Paso, Texas surged social media Wednesday morning as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained hundreds of migrant families in a razor wire fenced enclosure under a bridge in El Paso, arguing that the increasing number of Central Americans seeking asylum have overwhelmed the existing processing centers. In a press conference about a quarter mile from the enclosure, the CBP commissioner, Kevin McAleean, stated that they are handling a projected record number of migrants and are “facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis all along our southwest border.” As a result, migrants are being held in an encampment, with their stay lasting from hours to a couple of days, until they are able to be processed within the facility which can take hours, despite U.S. law banning that migrants are held in processing centers for longer than 72 hours. A U.S. Border Patrol spokesman claimed the encampment was a transitional shelter that included tents equipped with basic necessities, saying that “if all of them wanted to sleep inside the tent, they would be able to. A lot of them choose not to for whatever reason.” However, several migrant families have reported that the tent was not […]

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