Afghan Women Demand Inclusion in Peace Talks

Over 700 Afghan women from all 34 provinces participated today in a National conference to demand their inclusion in any peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan while stressing the importance of preserving women’s rights and upholding Afghanistan’s democracy. This conference was in response to recent peace talks between U.S. officials and the Taliban, a terrorist group, in an effort to end the 17 year war in Afghanistan. However, these peace talks did not involve representatives from the Afghan government or Afghan women in a direct violation of the United States 2017 Women, Peace, and Security Act. While the Taliban and the U.S. representatives were preparing for their fifth round of peace negotiations, women across Afghanistan organized at an event led by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Afghan Women Network, and Afghan civil society to demand their inclusion in peace talks to ensure that women’s rights are protected. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was at the event and stressed that women “are no longer victims of decisions on the future of Afghanistan. No one can impose peace on us. A peace which is not sustainable is rejected.” The recent peace talks between the United States and the Taliban, not the […]

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