Supreme Court puts Temporary hold on Louisiana Anti-abortion Law

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of placing a temporary hold on Louisiana’s abortion law which requires abortion providers to have hospital privileges at a local hospital. In a tight ruling, 5-4, the Supreme Court set the block in place for a week. This is, however, only a small victory for abortion advocates as reproductive rights in Louisiana are still in jeopardy while the Supreme Court decides whether they will hear the case. If the court decides to not hear the case after Thursday, the law will go back in effect. The four justices who voted to keep the law in effect were Alito, Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Gorsuch the conservative judges in the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Roberts breaking from the other conservative justices. Kavanaugh wrote a dissenting opinion in which he saw no undue burden placed on doctors as long as they would be able to comply or try to comply with the law requirements. Notably no other judge joined him in his dissenting opinion. Louisiana’s abortion law passed in 2014; however, the Center for Reproductive Right immediately challenged the law. June Medical Services v. Gee challenged the constitutionality of 2014 Louisiana abortion law. In September of […]

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