New Brazilian Gun Laws May Pose Risk to Domestic Violence Victims

New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has signed a decree to loosen gun laws throughout the country, despite public safety experts concern, a decree that makes it easier for Brazilians to have guns in their homes, as well as waives old standing safety checks such as federal police approval. In addition, Bolsonaro increased the validity period of gun licenses from five to ten years. These changes come with significant backlash from the Brazilian Public Service Reform, which conducts annual violence statistics for Brazil along with other civil society groups. Their research has found that Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Many experts warn that this new decree will only lead to more deaths and violence within the country. Despite this concern, Bolsonaro has gained popularity among the people through this campaign, as more Brazilian than ever are seeking gun access. In fact, 33,000 new gun owners have been registered since 2007. This rise in gun owners and access is particularly concerning for women. In the last year, Brazil has seen a 6.1% rise in female murders. Campaigners against the decree point out that over half of those women were killed by a firearm. Because of this, […]

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