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Charter school teachers in Chicago are on strike this week, the first formal strike against a charter-school operator, after the Acero Schools charter network failed to re-negotiate their contract with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) on December 4th. Teachers are fighting against low wages, overcrowded classrooms, short lunch and recess breaks, insufficient resources and support for special education and bilingual students, and Acero’s unwillingness to formalize sanctuary-school policies in their predominantly Latinx charter school system. Acero is one of Chicago’s largest charter school networks, serving over 7,000 students in 15 different schools. Negotiations between Acero and the Chicago Teachers Union began six months ago but failed to re-negotiate a contract last week leading to the teachers’ strike. A recent audit revealed that Acero is paying 1 million dollars less in salary in 2018 than 2017 but has $24 million in unrestricted cash access. Acero teachers, in general, earn on average $13,000 less than their public school peers, but work 20% more hours, according to the union. Acero claims money for salaries was decreased because at the end of the 2017 fiscal year, the Chicago Public Schools released a budget cutting charter school funds. However, the finalized budget actually increased funding […]

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