Puerto Rican Police Pepper Spray Puerto Ricans Protesting Violence Against Women

On Friday,  Colectiva Feminista en Construcción, in collaboration with other Puerto Rican Feminist groups, organized a sit-in (un plantón) in front of La Fortaleza, Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s residence, to protest the killing of a woman by her husband, a police officer. During the protests, the Puerto Rican police peppered sprayed the protestors and videos surfaced of the police pushing against the crowd at the gates of La Fortaleza. Friday began with a march in Plaza Colón and continued until the protestors reached the governor’s residence. The protest organizers created itineraries for participants, facilitating events such as a conversation about the causes and prevention of violence against women, artistic activities, concerts and drag shows. The protestors refuse to leave until the governor meets with them to discuss their demands. An Executive Order created by the feminist organizations demands that Governor Rossello creates a National Emergency Plan against Gender Violence; more than 600 people have signed a petition for its creation. The demands also include the establishment of a specific protocol for when crimes against women occur; the implementation of an inter-agency committee to assist assault survivors; and a call to process the 2,554 untested rape kits. In 2018 alone, 40 Puerto […]

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