LGBTQ Migrants are the First to Reach US Border

This week LGBTQ members from the migrant caravan were the first to reach the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico. LGBTQ members arrived at the border before the rest of the caravan because they were escaping discrimination and harassment from within the caravan itself as well as the dangers members faced traveling through Mexico. While fleeing gang violence, political oppression, and persecution for their sexual identities, a group of LGBTQ individuals left the caravan because of discrimination from other migrants. One refugee, Erick Dubon from Honduras, stated that “people wouldn’t let us into trucks, they made us get in the back of the line for showers, they would call us ugly names.” Another migrant said that at times truck drivers left LGBTQ migrants stranded on highways. Even now that the first group of LGBTQ migrants are in Tijuana, they still face harassment and violence. Waiting in Tijuana for approval to enter the United States is dangerous, especially for LGBTQ members who are at heightened risks for cartel sex trafficking. Nicole Ramos, an immigration lawyer, said that a previous group of LGBTQ migrants faced difficulties during their stay in Tijuana. “They experienced a lot of violence, including having the shelter they were […]

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