On the Ballot: Protecting and Promoting Voting Rights in Michigan

Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) student organizers across Michigan are working on six college campuses to turnout the vote in favor of Propositions 2 and 3, two ballot measures that would help promote and protect statewide voting rights. “At their core, Propositions 2 and 3 are about equal representation and access. Both will promote racial and economic justice by working to remove the systemic barriers that too often burden people of color and working people when voting,” explains Shivani Desai, FMF Senior Midwest Organizer. “If passed this year, these ballot measures could help protect and promote voting rights for future elections, benefiting Michigan families and communities for years to come.” Proposition 18-2 seeks to amend the Michigan Constitution and establish an independent committee of citizens for Congressional redistricting, in an effort to end gerrymandering, the practice through which politicians draw maps that benefit their own party. Passing Prop 2, a measure placed on the ballot through voter signature collection of half a million Michiganders, would set up an independent commission of thirteen voters who would set districts and boundaries following each census, rather than leaving it to politicians and lobbyists. Currently in Michigan, the party in power at the time of […]

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