Russian Authorities Refusing Investigations into Domestic Violence

A Human Rights Watch report found that Russian authorities do not investigate women’s claims of domestic violence and abuses because domestic violence is decriminalized in Russia. Instead, police recommend that women return to their abusers, leaving women with virtually no protection from intimate partner violence. Further, the report discovered that women are often blamed for the violence they experience from intimate partners, with police and courts refusing to investigate or prosecute, telling women they should instead stop “provoking” men to violence. This forces women to turn to private prosecution as the only option for legal recourse, a process that is expensive and time consuming as women must collect all evidence on their own. Yulia Gorbunova who authored the report, said that “Women in Russia are often left to face domestic violence completely on their own. Existing laws simply do not protect them when they become caught in a cycle of repeated abuse, with nowhere to turn.” It is estimated that 36,000 Russian women are abused every day and 600 women are killed each month in their homes. The lack of institutional support is coupled with social stigma, preventing women from reporting. In Russia there is a traditional saying that “if […]

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