Activists Observe Inaugural Black Maternal Health Week

On April 11, the Black Mama’s Matter Alliance launched the inaugural Black Maternal Health Week  (April 11-17) to promote awareness about the high mortality rate for Black mothers in the United States. According to the Black Mama’s Matter Alliance, the events of the inaugural Black Maternal Health Week “serve to amplify the voices of Black mamas and center the values and traditions of the reproductive and birth justice movements. Activities during BMHW are rooted in human rights, reproductive justice, and birth justice frameworks.” Activists wrote articles, launched digital campaigns, hosted webinars, held movie screenings, and facilitated community discussions in several states to bring attention to the dangerous health crisis that impacts Black mothers and their children, families, and communities. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Black mothers die at more than 3 times the rate of white mothers due to pregnancy related conditions and complications nationally. In Texas, the state Maternal Mortality Task Force found that while Black women only account for 11.4% of all births, Black women constituted 28.4% of maternal deaths in the state. In New York City, Black mothers are 12 times more likely to die than their white counterparts. Black maternal mortality gained media attention after […]

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