Anti-Abortion Law in Texas Temporarily Blocked by Federal Judge

Last week, a federal judge handed down the decision to temporarily block a anti-abortion law set to take effect in the state of Texas on September 1. The law, SB 8, would have gone into effect on Friday and banned two types of procedures that are usually used in second trimester abortions. The two types of procedures banned within the bill include dilation and evacuation and dilation. As one of the safest surgical abortion methods, dilation and evacuation abortions make up the majority of second trimester abortions. The attempts to limit these procedures are part of a larger effort to end women’s access to abortion throughout the state. The bill passed the Texas state senate this spring and was forwarded to Texas Governor, Greg Abbot, who signed the bill into law in May of 2017. Pro-choice advocates from NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and the Center for Reproductive Rights have called SB 8 unconstitutional and unnecessary. While SB 8 was being debated in the Texas Senate and House, demonstrators protested by dressing in the clothing of Handmaids from Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Judge Lee Yeakel of the US District Court of the Western Texas District handed down a restraining order that will […]

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