Ideas for Halloween Candy Leftovers

When my sons were trick-or-treat age, they always brought home way more candy than they could possible consume. (That is, except for my youngest son, Jon, who has never liked chocolate. Where did I go wrong?) This usually meant my husband and I were the ones dipping into what

the kids had left behind.

With your little ghosts and ghouls ringing doorbells tomorrow, you’ll probably find yourself in a similar “abundance of riches” position. After you’ve had your fill of fun-size candy bars, there are ways you can use and share the goodies collected on Halloween night.

Here are a few goods ideas I collected from the Internet:

  • Freeze it. Chocolate in particular freezes very well. Toss the extra candy into the freezer and use it for making cakes, cookies and other goodies for the upcoming holidays, and to munch on when you’re in the mood for something sweet.
  • Hit the trail. Mix those little bags of M&Ms with nuts and pretzels and make your own trail mix.
  • Take it to the office. Your coworkers will enjoy a little pick-me-up in the coffee room.
  • Have some adult time. You know that expensive flavored vodka sold at the liquor store? Well, you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. Drop chocolate or other candy into a bottle of vodka and let it soak. Enjoy when the kids have gone to bed.
  • Have some more adult time. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy it with a few of the mini candy bars pilfered from the kids’ stash.
  • Make care packages. Put an assortment of candy into little bags or boxes and share it with grandparents, neighbors, babysitters and anyone else who might enjoy it.
  • Give to a good cause. Charities that welcome donations include Operation Shoebox which sends candy and others items to the troops overseas, and food pantries.

For more tips as well as recipes, check out this link from Parenting magazine:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Cora Weisenberger has been writing about food since 1997, first for her hometown newspaper and later for national magazines. She’s a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism, and can be found rattling about her suburban Chicago kitchen preparing goodies for hubby, Greg, and sons David and Jonathan. Read all of her blogs at



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