What is an SPE?

Last Saturday Sue decided to take the long way home and walked through the park. It was a really beautiful fall day. While she was in the park, she ran into her friend, George, whom she hadn’t seen in several weeks. George was very excited and told Sue he just learned his brother was coming into town and he was planning a dinner for Wednesday night. “I reserved the private dining room at the BYOB on Clark Street. I know you hate things during the week but you must come. He is a great guy and really wants to meet my friends. And I am bringing several bottles of the wine I brought home from my last trip to Napa. Please say you’ll come…” George was right. Sue really disliked going out during the week and if she hadn’t run into George this invitation may never have come her way, but… “Sure, of course, I’d love to come.” Maybe it would be fun and she had been in Napa, California last year. Surely the wine would be excellent.

Roni Weiner Pressler Vice President, Management and Operations

Roni Weiner Pressler
Vice President, Management and OperationsSPE

Wednesday came and Sue had an incredibly busy day at the office. Meetings ran long and it seemed like the day flew by. At 4:30 she received a reminder email about dinner and yes it had entirely slipped her mind. So, despite the ton of work on her desk, she left the office with just enough time to get home, change, and she arrived just as everyone was sitting down. She had missed the introductions but knew she could catch up at the table. She took an empty seat. George walked up behind her and pointed to the person next to her. “Sue, you missed meeting my brother Richard. He is in from Napa, California and the wine we are drinking tonight is from his vineyard and winery.”

Richard was amazing. He was handsome and interesting. He had moved out to Napa several years prior and was following his passion, growing grapes and making wine. The evening couldn’t have been more perfect.

In the months that followed, Sue and Richard dated and a year later they were married on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Napa, California.  During the reception Richard made a toast to his new bride. “I am so grateful you walked through the park that day and even more grateful to my brother for being friends with you and inviting you to that dinner. It’s weird how things like that happen, but I’m glad it did.”

It isn’t “weird.” It’s an SPE.  A Spectacularly Perfect Event. That something that changes your day or your life. Most people can’t identify an SPE until sometime later; but, when you know about SPEs, you can see them happen all day long.

Sue was supposed to walk through the park and run into George. It wasn’t an accident. It was put in place to occur. So the next time you find yourself saying, “That was so weird. I can’t believe that happened.” Try to remember, it isn’t weird. You just encountered a Spectacularly Perfect Event and watch what happens next.



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