My Disney Deal

Laura Grossman Nye

Laura Nye Marketing Manager

I am looking for something I can’t find. (Most of us are, but I am not going to get philosophical.) I’m looking for a gift certificate for a Disney World Park Hopper pass for four that I won with a $5 raffle purchase (for charity). While I was initially excited about this winning  – it was the grand prize at the fundraiser – once I won, I realized that it wasn’t such a prize. While it has significant value, it’s not that valuable to me. I have never been to Disney World, but I know that not only is one day at Disney not enough time, but that the Disney experience is anything but cheap. Basically, I won a gift certificate that entitles me to spend more money – a lot more money. 

I haven’t yet looked that hard for the gift certificate, and there are not many places for me to look, but the fact that it is not where I thought it would be is troubling. It should be in a large manila envelope with other unused gift certificates and gift cards and “deals” from Groupon, Living Social, and the like. The fact that I have a stash of these could suggest that I have a lot of friends who are not creative gift givers. The real reason, however, is that I either got swept up in the charitable spirit or thought a half-price facial at an unknown salon was such a great deal that I couldn’t pass it up. (I don’t even get facials – too decadent). I am certain, in fact, that some of these gift certificates are not only expired but the businesses that issued them are no longer operating.

At least I am starting to recognize that while Groupon deals are tempting, they have enticed me to buy things that I don’t need and won’t use (batting cage practice, a segway tour of Chicago). No doubt, I thought they were each a great idea at the time.

And why do I save these gift certificates rather than use them (one hour of personal kettle ball training)? I don’t have a good answer…Time and planning: the fundamental issues of modern life.

So here’s the irony: the reason I’m looking for that Disney World gift certificate (which I won over a year ago and is bound to expire soon), is that I saw an awesome Groupon deal for an Orlando hotel.

I’m tempted….

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