You Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!!

HeadshotYou Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!!

People come to me everyday wanting to accomplish great things or to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives and they seem to think they need to develop a new skill or resource. Most of the time they already posses what they are looking for, they just don’t know that they have it. The best way for me to illustrate this would be to give you an example of I client I have worked with. (Her name has been changed).

Allison’s story…Allison came to me wanting to work on her confidence and her self-esteem. When we first met she was meek and timid. She would speak softly and her body language was closed off and protected. When she spoke her arms were crossed tightly, so she could protect herself from me and the world. The reason she came to see me was that a friend of hers talked her into applying for a job at a large company as a sales support representative. At forty two years old this was the first time she ever even considered taking a position where she would be directly dealing with people. She interviewed for the job and to her surprise, they hired her. She was in a panic. What was she going to do now? Too describe the look on her face as fear would be an understatement. She wanted me to teach her how to have self-confidence, self-esteem and a stronger presence in front of other people. Allison told me at our first meeting that she did not believe that after forty two years of life she could be confident in herself and was highly skeptical of my ability to help her.

There is a powerful belief I have and that is that whatever you want to accomplish in your life, whatever obstacle or challenge you face, that you already have the resources you need to accomplish what you want to accomplish, even if you aren’t aware of those resources. Many times you are already using the resources you need in other areas of your life without even knowing it. Allison is the perfect example of this. In our conversation as she was telling me about how terrible her life was not having any self-confidence and noticed that the farther she got into her story the more her body language changed. She uncrossed her arms, she was using bold arm gestures, and she sat up straighter and taller in the chair. Her voice changed. She spoke louder and with more authority in her voice. She was acting like a confident person. Allison had told her story so many times for so many years that she was an expert at telling it and did it with confidence. As she was talking to me I smiled at her and told that I thought that she already had all the confidence she needed and that I could not give her anymore. That made her angry and she became even more powerful; louder, more forceful and more intense. My smile get even bigger and she stepped up her power, self-confidence and presence even more. When Allison reached a fever pitch, I jumped out of my chair and yelled, Freeze! And she did. I told to look at herself in this moment in time and I asked her what she was observing; her body language, gestures, posture, tonality of her voice and her words. And then it happened, for the first time in her life she realized that she possessed confidence. I will never forget the look on her face when she made that connection in her mind. Allison become overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry because for this might have been the first time in her life she realized she had what she had been looking for all her life. It was a powerful and life changing moment for her. We worked together for several weeks. Allison did great in her job as a sales support representative. Several months later she called me and told me she was no longer in her current position. She had done so well and changed so much that she had been promoted to a sales position. Life is amazing, isn’t it?

Here is how can you discover you hidden resources and skills

Think of a time or a situation you had in your life that went the way you wanted it to go. You were resourceful, creative, smart and at your best. When you have that memory clear in your mind, close your eyes and think about it, notice all the details: What see, What you hear and What you feel. Take in the whole experience. Now open your eyes and write down the amazing resources and skills you used in that situation. Really think about them and then close your eyes, go over those skills and resources you used, realize that they are with in you and now literally see yourself moving them over into another area of your life that you need them. You will discover how amazing you really are.

BookCoverScott Schmaren’s Bio

 Scott Schmaren is a nationally known speaker, coach and author. He has spent over 20 years learning powerful success technologies. He has used what he has learned and created to transform his life, losing 180 pounds and maintaining it while rediscovering his vitality. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!. Scott’s techniques are being used to increase sales and business, weight management, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and many other great things. Athletes and sales professionals are using his systems to achieve, consistent, peak athletic and sales performance. Scott is co-author of the book, Stepping Stones to Success, along with Jack Canfield , Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley. Scott’s forthcoming book is entitled, “Your Ultimate Visionary Mind: Transforming Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day.”


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