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“STEM Fields” Talent Shortage.

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By –  Mike Boehler

Dr. Pete Savo

Dr. Pete Savo



Join Dr. Pete, Friday, 12/28 at 11:30 am, as he discusses “STEM Fields” Talent Shortage; How the United States can regain its competitiveness in math-and science-related fields.

For the past 100 years, technological innovations in science and engineering have fueled the U.S. economy, produced good jobs and an extraordinary standard of living, and established the United States as an international economic leader.

Our nation’s international segment of industries focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), though, is in profound decline. STEM education and entrepreneurial thinking has taken a back seat to empirical learning, resulting in a decline in good jobs, and here we are.

Here is the big problem: The cost of waiting for old ideas to catch up with modern job-creation practices obstructs new market opportunities. Such obstructions represent a stream of wasteful practices, making it difficult to be competitive in today’s volatile markets. The loss of competitiveness results in lost work and higher unemployment statistics.

Dr. Pete shares with you the pyramid designed STEM education solutions, tune in and learn more!

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Dr. Pete Savo works with an education company serving members of the military community nationwide.

Dr. Savo, a respected lecturer and published author, spent 18 years with Sikorsky Aircraft and six years as a direct business operations and lean manufacturing consultant for the U.S. Air Force Small Business Manufacturing Technical Assistance Production Program (MTAPP), Air Force Outreach Program Office and the Department of Defense (DOD) supply chain missions.

Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo US Navy Veteran


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